2019 is well underway, and we’re seeing some truly great kitchen designs come to life.

To keep those one-of-a-kind kitchens coming, we’ve recently added some new cabinet colours/styles to cover these latest trends in kitchen cabinets.

Wood cabinets with white marbled island

A kitchen renovation is your chance to get the kitchen cabinets you really want. Laurysen Kitchens Contemporary Gallery.

1. Sleek, Contemporary Woods

Wood is 100% in for kitchens. This was a trend that began emerging in 2018, and for good reason. Wood adds a lot of warmth, and harmonizes with a lot of colours.

While many homeowners are leaning towards bleached out, rustic woods with natural-looking grains, medium-tone woods are gaining traction. This lines up with an overall trending towards incorporating more farmhouse style into designs.

We have a lot of options for homeowners who want to add wood to their kitchen design, including:

If you want the grain and warmth of wood cabinets, but would prefer something a little sleeker and more budget-friendly, we carry a wide variety of medium density fibreboard (MDF) cabinets with various finishes to achieve the look of wood.

You can view all our door material options here >


This is a great example of multiple wood tones being used to create a sleek, contemporary kitchen. Photo credit: Serge Charette.

2. Clean, Minimalist Lines

For many homeowners, a kitchen renovation is the chance to create a more open, uncluttered space.

That’s why people are choosing cabinets that have clean, minimalist lines. We hear the word “streamlined” a lot, and we have tons of cabinet styles that can achieve that look > 


We’ve created multiple kitchens with simple, almost seamless lines for a thoroughly contemporary result. Laurysen Kitchens Contemporary Gallery.

3. More Textures

Designers often mix materials and finishes to create unique textures in their clients’ homes, all having their pros and cons. This has been particularly true when it comes to fabrics. That trend is now extending to cabinets.

As we move away from glossy finishes, our MDF textured melamine cabinets can introduce more interesting textures to your kitchen, including leather patterns. Yes, really! These patterns can be a great choice for someone wanting a bold, unique cabinet.


Here’s a sneak peek at some of the cool textured combos from our new line of cabinets. Pictured: Dark Brown Leather (left), Metal Gold, Rover Love.

4. A Wide Range of Neutrals with Pops of Colour

Whites and greys are still the most popular colour choices for kitchen cabinets, and it makes sense. They’re timeless and work well with most design choices.


You’ve got to love a gorgeous, bright colour palette like this one – especially with the metallic hardware, sink, and chairs! Laurysen Kitchens Contemporary Gallery.

That being said, there are some colours becoming more and more trendy, mixing up the standard neutral palette.

Back in Black

We started talking about this trend in 2017, and it’s only picked up steam since then. It’s a bold choice, but when designed and styled correctly, it can do wonders for your kitchen.


A black kitchen can add drama and intrigue! Just make sure you have plenty of light. Photo credit: Serge Charette.

Pops of Blues and Greens

Blues and greens are super hot right now. We’re not talking the pea-soup green or retro blues from your grandma’s house in the ‘70s. Homeowners today are choosing rich, deep colours that don’t try to be overly bright.

This includes navies, dark royal blues, and hunter and emerald greens.

These fall right In line with many of the 2019 Colours of the Year. Here are just a few examples:


Image Credit: Houzz.

While many of these colours fall into the neutral colour spectrum, over half are blue/green tones.

Adding colour to your kitchen through your cabinets is a bold choice, but one you’ll love if you pick the right combination.

View our cabinet finishes for some colour inspiration!

What About Pantone’s Colour of the Year?

If you’ve been Googling around for some design inspiration, you’ll surely have stumbled across Pantone’s Colour of the Year. For 2019, they selected Living Coral.


Image credit: Pantone.

Right off the bat, we will say that this is a much brighter colour than the trends we have been seeing, and it is not for everyone.

But that’s the beauty of redesigning your kitchen – you get to look at all kinds of finishes in all kinds of colours and figure out what you like the best!

Tip: Using colour isn’t something you should be scared to try! It is possible to refinish or even change the doors on your cabinets if your tastes change in 8 years. This is something we can do for you >

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