Can I Have Light Kitchen Cabinets With Dark Floors?

We get lots of requests for bright white kitchens, but many of our customers are also interested in something a little bolder or that works with the dark floors in the rest of the home. We suggest combining the brightness of light cabinets with dark kitchen floors.

Kitchen Design 101: Popular Cabinet Door Styles

Whether you’re planning to resell your home or just have guests over for a visit, your kitchen is going to be noticed. One way to make a style statement is with the different kinds of cabinets and drawers you choose. You can go one of two ways: more traditional look or choose something completely contemporary. Read More…

Make Your Life Easier With Better Storage Solutions

In all the years I have spent as a kitchen designer, the one thing I have never heard a client say is, “I have too much storage space. Can you fix that?” We’re all looking for more storage it seems (according to a recent poll, more than half of people renovating want better storage) and Read More…

Open Shelving vs. Kitchen Cabinets: Which Is Better?

To address the long-standing open shelving vs. cabinets debate, we have delved into the pros and cons of each and offer some creative options if you want the best of both worlds.

Planning Ergonomic Kitchen Storage

We’re all looking for efficient kitchen storage to help cut down on the 1.5 hours a day we spend on household chores, especially food prep. The good news is that with some planning, some amazing efficiency benefits can help make life a lot easier and result in a better looking kitchen while you’re at it. The Read More…

The 7 Most Effective Solutions for Kitchen Organization

Spring is in the air at last! Like most of us your thoughts are probably turning to spring cleaning and getting your kitchen organized. Your kitchen should make it easier to store, cook and clean up – not harder. If you find yourself moving things to get at other things (especially in pantries) or worst Read More…

Trend Alert: Black Kitchen Designs are the New Neutral

Black is a power colour, but with power comes responsibility – in design, that is! Check out these black kitchen designs, and find out how you can incorporate the colour into your own space.