5 Essential Seniors Bathroom Renovations

As Canada’s population ages, more and more of us are thinking about making bathrooms safer for those who have reduced mobility. It’s easy to see why – falls account for more than half of all senior injuries, most falls occur at home, and the bathroom accounts for the lion’s share of the location for these Read More…

6 Tips for Space Saving Bathroom Renovations

With bathrooms becoming smaller and smaller, we have to start being smarter about how we design our bathrooms. If you are looking for a little more storage or just some room to breathe, these space saving renovations are for you.

8 Top Bathroom Trends for 2017

Here are some of the most popular bathroom trends we’re seeing at the start of 2017. From the decorative to the practical, there are some great ideas here for your next bathroom renovation.

9 Beautiful Spa-Like Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Spa days don’t need to be an indulgence reserved for special occasions only. You can create the same peaceful and rejuvenating atmosphere in your own home with some surprisingly simple changes. We spoke to designer Ola Elmaghraby about bathroom spa ideas. Here’s what she said about making your existing bathroom feel like an at-home spa.

Bathroom Lighting That Works

If we are lucky enough to have the space and a healthy decor budget, our bathrooms can be places of luxurious relaxation. But large or small, good lighting is an essential in a bathroom. Good lighting doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does need to be well planned. Good design always starts with good Read More…

Bathroom Trends in 2014

If you're looking at renovating a bathroom this year, and are wondering which way you should go when it comes to design aesthetics, this year's trends can be a great place to start. The Big Picture is Natural When it comes to bathroom trends you can see the tendency towards bringing nature inside. Natural materials Read More...

Create a Bathroom Spa Experience – From The Ground Up

We work with a lot of clients who want a spa experience from their new bathroom. When they talk with our designers, we make sure to listen to what they say about how they live and what their tastes are. But there’s one critical aspect that not all of our clients have considered in enough Read More…

Don’t Make These Bathroom Design Mistakes

Design is something that can so easily go wrong, especially where bathrooms or kitchens are concerned. This is because they’re very task-oriented spaces that get used by different kinds of people with different needs. It’s so easy to get caught up in trying to cram as much stuff into a space as possible, or in Read More…

How Do I Choose a Bathroom Vanity?

A bathroom renovation comes with countless questions, including how to choose a bathroom vanity. You want it to be useful, but you also want it to bring something visual to the room. Where’s the balance? We’ll help you find it with these 7 simple steps to choosing the bathroom vanity that will take your bathroom from blah to beautiful.