As 2017 comes to a close, we like to look ahead to what’s next. A new year means new trends, and we asked our designers Ola Elmaghraby and Heather Tardioli what they liked in 2017 and what they expect to see more of in 2018.

laurysen designer olaKitchen designer Heather Tardioli

Designers Ola Elmaghraby and Heater Tardioli

2017: Barn Boards and Open Shelves

“My personal favourite trend in 2017 was the inclusion of the barn board. The wide-slatted, weathered material was the perfect way to introduce a wood element to your kitchen, shelving units, and doors,” Heather says.

“Open shelf displays were really popular this year,” Ola explains. People would come in focused on how much storage they could get, but when presented with the idea of an open shelf, they loved the look. “It became the favourite option for many clients.”

open barn wood shelves
Here we have the best of both 2017 trends: open shelves using barn board wood. Rustic and elegant all at once! Laurysen Kitchens Design Gallery.

2018 Kitchen Trends

The 2018 trends for kitchens are exciting, and sure to pique your interest for your own renovation.

Wood in Multiple Tones

It’s all about the wood for 2018. “People are getting tired of white,” Heather indicates, although she says that white is still a popular choice.

“They want 2 tones of wood – a darker tone for the island, and a lighter tone everywhere else.

Hardwood floors are becoming an increasingly popular flooring choice, overtaking the more traditional choice of tile. “Homes are open concept, and homeowners want the same flooring throughout,” Ola says.

If you’re worried about spills, you could also go with a flooring in wood tones to get a similar feel, like laminate or ceramic.

wood tones
The darker tone of the island compliments the lighter tone of the floor. Both introduce the wood element that is so on trend for 2018. Laurysen Kitchens Design Gallery.

Darker Colours

“I’m seeing a lot of darker colours, especially blues – even navy,” Ola remarks. This trend towards dark is predominantly for kitchen islands and walls. These darker choices are paired with lighter cabinets and counters.

dark kitchen island
This darker island stands out against the light cabinetry. Laurysen Kitchens Design Gallery.

Slate-Coloured Appliances

Something really exciting for 2018 is a new colour option for appliances. “Manufacturers are coming out with this slate colour for appliances, which clients are coming in and asking about,” Heather explains.

Slate is so popular right now because it allows homeowners to start introducing a dark colour without going too dark. While the slate doesn’t end up working with every design, it’s a bold new option for homeowners looking to start incorporating those darker colours.

slate appliances
Slate walks the line between dark and too dark, making it good choice to consider. General Electric Appliances.

Graphic Backsplash and Flooring

Backsplashes are still one of the best places to play with design, and homeowners are getting more creative with patterns.

“It’s more graphic,” Heather says of the pattern choices, adding that they extend to the flooring as well. Whether they get a predetermined pattern, or use a variety of materials to make their own design, 2018 is sure to see some more creativity.

Backsplashes are the perfect place to play with both patterns and colours – don’t be afraid to mix it up! Laurysen Kitchens Design Gallery.

Matching Countertops and Backsplash

“Another popular backsplash choice is using the same material as the countertop,” Ola says. “The countertop just extends up the wall,” she explains.

USB Ports

We charge everything with a USB port. Our technology makes Heather think that USB ports in kitchens will become a more popular request.

“We’re always using our phones or tablets,” she explains. “I expect people will either want a special niche for their electronics somewhere in the kitchen, or include the USB port in the island.”

usb ports kitchen
A USB port could go right beside an electrical outlet like the one in this island. Laurysen Kitchens Design Gallery.

Multi-Purpose Islands

A kitchen island is a must for the majority of kitchen renovations, and that island has to be able to serve many different roles. Ola says this includes housing appliances.

“They’re adding their microwaves to their island designs,” she explains. It’s not just microwaves; Heather shares that she’s designed several islands that include a wine fridge.

“It’s all about being multi-purpose,” Ola concludes.

Kitchen islands serve many purposes; housing the microwave could be one of them. Laurysen Kitchens Design Gallery.

Slimmer Countertops

One trend that is trickling over from Europe is a slimmer countertop. Instead of countertops with a 1 ¼ inch thickness, now homeowners are migrating to a countertop with a ¾ inch thickness.

“It’s not as heavy in appearance,” Heather explains. Homeowners are attracted to the slimmer, light look it provides.

In terms of material, light-coloured quartz is still the king. “People like the light countertops,” Ola says.

slim light counter
A light counter is still the most popular choice for kitchens. Laurysen Kitchens Design Gallery.

2018 Bathroom Trends

A bathroom can become your personal oasis with the right design elements. These 2018 trends for bathrooms will make your bathrooms feel more like a spa – you might even forget it’s your own house.

Suspended Cabinets and Vanities

Having cabinets and vanities off the floor, or with a kickback styled to make it look off the floor, is going to be a big trend for 2018.

“I’m doing a lot of suspended cabinetry,” Heather says.

floating bathroom cabinet
This suspended cabinet has all the storage you need, but doesn’t take away floor space. Laurysen Kitchens Design Gallery.

It’s not just the position that changing; cabinets and vanities are also moving towards a ‘distressed’ look.

“There’s less wood, more polyester,” Heather explains. This way you get the natural wood accents without the worries of wood and water mixing.

Please note: Depending on the positioning of you plumbing, a floating vanity may not be your best option. Our article on bathroom vanities has lots of great tips on how to choose the vanity that’s right for you.

floating bathroom vanity
This floating vanity has the look of wood without the worry there might be water damage. Laurysen Kitchens Design Gallery.

Big Walk-In Showers with Benches – a Continuing Trend

People are loving big walk-in showers, and that’s going to continue into 2018 according to Ola. “People also like having a bench in the shower,” she adds. This is a must-have feature for seniors, but even younger homeowners like them – in fact, many women want them because it makes shaving their legs easier!

Benches aren’t the only addition to walk-in showers. “There will be more niches for things in walk-in showers,” Heather concludes. Without ledges, shower supplies ends up on the floor or in unattractive shower caddies. Now people are having their showers designed with built-in shelves and niches to accommodate their needs.

shower niches

Walk-in showers are now being built to include shelves, niches, and yes – benches. Laurysen Kitchens Design Gallery.

Bigger Tiles with Slimmer Grout Lines

Everyone hates grout – they hate how it looks when it gets dirty, and they hate cleaning it. If you’re one of those people, you’re going to love this trend of bigger tiles and slimmer grout lines.

“People are still sticking with light tile colours, but they’re opting for larger tiles and slimmer grout lines,” Heather shares.

“There’s also an increasing interest in ceramic tiles that look like wood,” she adds, confirming that wood tones are one of the big 2018 trends.

These tiles are larger, with only slim lines between them. That means less grout to clean! Laurysen Kitchens Design Gallery.

2018 Design Style: Transitional

In terms of overall style, Heather and Ola agree that transitional is going to remain popular in 2018.

Heather describes transitional style as, “not quite traditional, but not quite modern; a mix of both.”

In this style, many homeowners are leaning towards shaker-style cabinets, but with a twist that brings them into that grey area between traditional and modern. For example, adding modern hardware will give the shaker style an edge.

Transitional style allows for lots of design options, and can be a great fit for homeowners who aren’t completely sold on other styles.

shaker cabinets
Shaker-style cabinets work well in the transitional style. Laurysen Kitchens Design Gallery.

Interested in other styles? We offer a variety of styles in a mix of materials and finishes.

We’re As On-Trend as Ever

Our designers are always looking ahead to what’s next, as well as looking to the past to see what might come back around. We’re always on-trend, and able to make recommendations for your renovation.

We can also customize your own vision so that the end result is exactly what you want. That’s the beauty of design; it’s flexible.

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