6 Galley Kitchen Design Ideas & Solutions

Galley kitchens aren’t often a choice; it’s the kitchen we get when we purchase our house. That doesn’t mean it has to be a negative feature. Our designer Wael Bakr shared some of his design solutions to make a galley kitchen work, and work well.

The 7 Most Effective Solutions for Kitchen Organization

Spring is in the air at last! Like most of us your thoughts are probably turning to spring cleaning and getting your kitchen organized. Your kitchen should make it easier to store, cook and clean up – not harder. If you find yourself moving things to get at other things (especially in pantries) or worst Read More…

Trend Alert: Bold Kitchens Are Big in 2017

Kitchen styles are constantly changing, but confidence will never go out of style. Translate that confidence into bold kitchen features, one of 2017’s top trends. Our designers will help you create a kitchen that is as dynamic as you are.