Lifetime Warranty on Drawer slides and Door hinges

As a Laurysen customer, you may return hinges and slides for as long as you own your kitchen or bathroom vanity.

  • 10 Year Limited Warranty on materials and workmanship. The availability of material used is subject to change without notice to ensure Laurysen Kitchens’ high quality.
  • 2 Year Warranty on installation. (Please note: all service work that occurs after the 2 year period is subject to a labour charge)
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty on cabinet materials and workmanship.
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty on finishes/stains.
    • 1 Year Warranty on Painted MDF doors.
    • No Warranty on painted 5 piece wood doors.
  • 5 Year Warranty on doors.
    • 1 Year Warranty against warping under 42″ in height. Industry standard allowance is 1/8” over 42”.
  • 10 Year Warranty on thermoplastic doors purchased on or after Jan 1, 2011. (Please note: the 10 year warranty does not cover products exposed to temperatures over 85 C (185F))
  • 5 Year Warranty on all post-formed countertops purchased on or after Jan 1, 2011. (Please note: the 5 Year Warranty does not cover water damage to the laminate or the joints)

Woods and Finishes

All woods have natural variations, so your cabinets may contain visual features not shown in your sample. With handcrafted finishes, the surface texture will reflect the technique of the craftsman.

This is not unique to Laurysen – any cabinet maker that uses natural woods will show these natural variations in their finished products, and it is a standard of the industry. After all, natural beauty is why you purchase real wood instead of melamine.

To explain what kind of variations you can expect, we’ve provided an excerpt from Kitchen and Bath Business and Project Management below.

View Details About Wood and Finish Variations >

Note: For all warranties listed above, damage deemed to be caused by water and/or heat is NOT warrantable.

Keeping Your Cabinets Looking Great

Care must be taken when using toasters, toaster ovens, portable grills and other heat/steam generation appliances to ensure that upper cabinet doors are not subjected to excessive heat.

Humidity of the house should be kept between 35-50% moisture content for wood products. This helps prevent warpage and movement of cupboard doors.

Adjusting Doors – We provide directions in our warranty card on how to adjust the doors and drawer fronts.

Caulking is not covered under warranty.

All of Laurysen Warranties reflect the individual product warranties extended by our suppliers. We never extend a warranty past our supplier’s warranty period.