What’s the most extensive feature of a kitchen renovation? Your custom cabinetry, of course. Choosing the best material for kitchen cabinet fronts and drawers means balancing an attractive appearance with practicality and durability.

The talented team at Laurysen Kitchens suggests an important trend in kitchen cabinet materials that lets you have it all… Textured Melamine.

What Is Textured Melamine?

Textured Melamine is a manufactured product produced by laminating a particle board substrate with a resin paper, using immense pressure. The resin paper is printed with a high-resolution photographic image so that the end result can be either patterned or solid coloured. What distinguishes Textured Melamine from other types of laminate is its three-dimensional effect, often with the look of real wood.

Textured Melamine has been around for a long time, but in the last decade, the kitchen design industry has seen major improvements in quality, together with the availability of a vast selection of patterns and colours. This material is a top seller because of its durability and modern look.

Benefits Of Textured Melamine

Price. An affordable kitchen cabinet material, Textured Melamine is available at a number of different price points to suit your budget.

Variety. Laurysen carries many gorgeous melamine products, including wood-grain textures, wavy patterns, and solid colours in a wide variety of hues, ranging from black and grey to light wood tones and finishes spanning the spectrum from high gloss to matt. Our products are available both to dealers and to our design customers.

Durability. One of its major advantages as a cabinet material is that Textured Melamine is more durable, resistant to scratching and alterations from sun exposure. It is easy to clean and maintain (just wipe down with warm soapy water and a microfiber cloth, followed by application of a streakless glass cleaner) and will not easily swell when it comes in contact with liquids. However, it can be damaged if exposed to high heat.

When To Choose Textured Melamine?

Textured Melamine is most commonly used in Modern or Transitional kitchen design styles, but there are rustic patterns that can integrate really well with Scandinavian or Farmhouse-inspired designs as well. In the end, it all depends on your personal taste. If you see a pattern that you really love, feel free to ask your kitchen designer about it.

Depending on your choice, there may be size limitations of 8’ to 10’ for sheet materials. Doors also range in maximum size availability based on the selection. Overall, though, Textured Melamines have no matching mouldings (crown, valances, bar brackets, trim) and thus are best suited for simple designs with straight lines.

It is not recommended to paint Textured Melamine since it is manufactured as a “one-time finish” — unlike wood which can be sanded down and re-stained or re-painted. Of course, technically, you can paint anything with the right paint materials, but it’s best to choose a Textured Melamine colour which you can live with happily for a long time.

Choose Laurysen’s Top-Quality Cabinet Doors

If you’d like Textured Melamine for your next kitchen cabinets or are interested in exploring other cabinet materials, trust Laurysen Kitchens! We’re a family-run business with 50+ years of experience. Contact us for new cabinets or to become a Laurysen dealer.