Come Join Our Team!

You can read about our positions available here.

Why Work at Laurysen Kitchens?

There are lots of reasons our team members tend to stick around once they join us.

1. Established, Successful Company With 50+ Years of History

Our founders started the company in 1970, and two generations later we’re still going strong. We’ve been around long enough to build a good name for ourselves in the Ottawa community. You can read more about our history here.

Best of all, as a third-generation family company, the business knowledge and experience is shared to help keep our future bright. We also spend on advertising to keep a steady flow of clients coming through our showroom to ensure future success.

2. Great People and No Office Politics

At Laurysen, we’re very lucky. We have an extremely diverse group of people doing different jobs who all get along really well. From the designers to the people in our manufacturing shop, we all depend on each other.

We’re busy and we work hard, but we don’t forget to take time to have some fun. Some of our favourite events include:

  • Halloween Costume Party and Chili Cook-Off
  • Holiday Dinner Party
  • Summer United Way Benefit Barbecue Party
  • Quarterly Safety Committee pizza lunches

3. Benefits That Get Better with Seniority

We believe in rewarding loyalty. Laurysen provides benefits that increase the longer you’ve been with us, including:

  • Pension
  • Health benefits like dental, medical and optical

The longer you work here, the more perks you get.

4. We Invest in Your Education and Career

We believe that the more educated the employee, they better they are at their job. We provide a continuing education reimbursement, and pay for designers to get their NKBA training and certification.

At some places, designers do all the creative work but don’t get the credit. We encourage our designers to enter into the GOHBA and NKBA Design Awards to highlight their work and provide an opportunity to promote our company and their designs.

As a special bonus we’ll pay for your meals and drinks at all GOHBA and NKBA events and meetings.

5. Health and Safety and Priorities in Our Plant

We’re always updating our manufacturing processes and looking for ways to make Laurysen the safest possible place to work.

For example, replacing VOC-containing finishes with water-based finishes is not only good for the environment, but our staff too. We know that without our hard-working cabinet makers and finishers, we wouldn’t have a company.

Come Join Our Team!

You can read about our positions available here.