Does this sound like you?

  • You have trouble getting organized.
  • You have awkward closets that don’t work for your needs.
  • Even though you KonMari-ed, you still feel like you have too much stuff and not enough space?

It’s time to improve your home closet and turn it into the right storage.

Custom Closet Design Services

It’s hard to look at a tiny closet and envision a whole new space where everything will fit neatly. That’s where we come in: one of our talented, experienced designers will draft the best possible closet design for your needs that will make the most of the existing space.

Renovating, and ready for an all-new home for your wardrobe? We can design a beautiful closet from scratch!

We design and build custom closet solutions that make storage plentiful and stylish. We’ll also help coordinate installation for a smooth transition to a fabulous closet.

Check out what we’ve done for other homeowners in our design gallery!
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Klozets By Laurysen – Organization Accessories

When you think of your dream closet, it’s definitely organized. But without the right tools, organizing a closet becomes immensely difficult.

Klozets by Laurysen is our line of amazing organization racks, drawers, rods and fittings. They can be installed in your closet to help you make better use of space, no matter how large or small your closet (we also make similar solutions for your kitchen).

Making the most of your space is tricky, however, so we do recommend you enlist the help of one of our talented professional designers. They will ensure that you get the best possible design for your closet size and your individual needs.

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