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Some More Kind Words From Laurysen Customers

Hi Wael,

Bill and I wanted to let you know that we are THRILLED with our new kitchen cabinet extension.  It exceeds our expectations and truly looks incredible.

Your design ideas went beyond my original thoughts to make better use of the space.  The extension looks seamless—thanks in large part to Angel, the installer who insisted on absolute perfection.  He even took the time to return to the factory have a cupboard fixed because it was ¼ inch off (I never would have noticed!)  We spent the weekend showing our kitchen off to family and friends—all of whom said WOW!

We also appreciate how you reworked the design to stay within our budget, and got us in touch with an electrician who was equally professional and accommodating.  Please pass our gratitude onto your supervisor, as this was truly a job well done.

All the best,

Bonjour Wael,

Just few words to thank you for everything you have done recently when we bought our Kitchen Cabinets at Laurysen Kitchens. Your advice and suggestions were well appreciated and gave us an other perspective, in fact it was right to the point and very well say. Your patient and courtesy were much appreciated and we feel at every moment confortable in our decisions. I was upset about the colour but it is perfect. The contractor who installed the cabinets did a good job too. So everything went well. I won’t be upset to recommend you and I will. Well done…. Merci et bonne fin de journée!

Allen Gagnon Guylaine St-Pierre

Hi Elnaz,

I love my new closet. Thank you very much.


Kimberly… We cannot thank you enough for the work you did to solve our Oyster cabinet issues. The changes look great… and Paul is an outstanding installer. Everything is as we had hoped when we first approached Laurysen in October 2011, but it took you to give us the attention to actually get the changes planned and completed.

Thank you very much.
Janice and Allan O’Dacre

Hello Chris

I just wanted to pass a long a note to say thank you to you and Laurysen Kitchens for your care and attention regarding the waranty repair of one of our kitchen cupboard doors.  A special thank you goes out to the Service Technician, Bob, who went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that all of our kitchen hardware was functioning 100% and replaced accordingly.

We are very pleased with the customer service we receive from Laurysen Kitchens … you go out of your way to ensure customer satisfaction and that is very much appreciated!

Thank you!