For those of us who almost live in our kitchens, balancing the functional and the visual can be challenging. When it comes to kitchen cabinets, having enough storage is imperative, but having too many cabinets in a space can feel heavy and lack visual interest.

Right now especially, people are trying to avoid having so many upper banks of cabinets that there’s no room for anything else we want to enjoy, like artwork or a TV screen. People want to enjoy a bit of open space in a room.

Kitchen Cabinets Don’t Have to Dominate the Room

The good news is that you can have it all: the storage and some visual breathing room – depending on the size of your kitchen, of course.
The solution is to be flexible, and include a variety of storage options. Try some of these tips:

  • Adding some open or floating shelves can give you storage without a wall of boxes.
  • The recent trend for glass-fronted cabinets may be an option as well. Remember, cabinets like these have to be meticulously arranged – a window onto a mess won’t help create an open feel.
  • Racks for hanging stemware can create a wonderful ambiance, especially if your wine collection is a big part of how you entertain. Have the wine rack nearby, and a counter for opening and pouring wine.
  • Consider ways to make use of more drawers and fewer cabinets. The great thing about drawers is that you can have counter space on top of them, and still create a more open feel to your kitchen.
  • For those who need serious amounts of storage, try having one area dedicated to full-height storage, leaving the rest of the kitchen open.
  • Reorganizing and decluttering may help reduce the amount of storage space you need. Group items near where they will be used, and give away anything you don’t use.
  • Leave at least one space for artwork as a focal point.
  • Consider how the rest of the kitchen is laid out. Leaving breathing space above sinks, around windows, hood fans and islands can contribute to a more open feel.

A kitchen will ideally not only have enough storage, but will have a functional layout and be visually interesting and appealing. Keep balance and personality in mind and always think about what you want your focal point to be.

For those who could use some professional help, the kitchen design team at Laurysen is here for you!