If you’re looking at renovating a bathroom this year, and are wondering which way you should go when it comes to design aesthetics, this year’s trends can be a great place to start.

The Big Picture is Natural

When it comes to bathroom trends you can see the tendency towards bringing nature inside. Natural materials are very popular, and more people are creating indoor vertical gardens (also known as living walls or green walls). Due to the high level of humidity in the bathroom, it can actually make the perfect space to install these vertical planters. Combine this greenery with natural stone and wood and you have a space that you will want to take refuge in.

This natural trend is not the only big thing when it comes to bathrooms. From toilets to faucets, there are plenty of new trends to consider when you are building or renovating a bathroom in 2014/2015.

A Closer Look at The Details


While you may not consider your toilet trendworthy, you can start to see toilet manufacturers trying to keep up with today’s water saving trends. Toilets that give you water saving qualities such as a choice between half flush and full flushes have been big in European countries for many years now. We are finally starting to see this trend take off in North America.

Baths and Showers

Soaking tubs will replace fancy enclosed showers on the list of must haves when it comes to bathroom trends in 2014. Freestanding tubs will be especially big as we see a separation between shower and bath spaces. This paves the way for luxurious bathrooms where you can truly spend time pampering yourself.

If you are more of a shower person, then spacious walk-in showers are on the trend list for this year. You can save space by forgoing the tub all together and building a door-less walk in shower. People are heading away from rainfall showers and embracing the versatility of detachable shower heads. Immensely practical, hand showers can be used to hose down a muddy dog, a baby with a diaper blowout, or even the shower walls during cleaning.


Vessel sinks (those big bowls that stand on top of your cabinets) have been all the rage for the past few years, but will slowly fade out of style. What’s becoming big are sinks without storage and this could lead to inventive storage pieces also coming into vogue. Think spindly legs with deep sinks and you will be able to envision what the bathroom trends in 2014 look like.


Granite countertops have had a run for many years now and this year sees new materials take over while granite gets pushed to the background. Think Quartz vanities. Quartz is actually a great product for a bathroom as it is non porous yet it is still a beautiful natural stone. Quartz also provides better durability and is easier to care for than granite. If quartz is not your style, but you would like to stay on trend in your bathroom, you may want to consider other materials such as ceramic or concrete.


If you are looking to add interest to your faucets and fixtures, you are in luck. This year will see a trend in warm materials such as copper, brass, and bronze. Chrome and brushed nickel will continue to show their presence, however the warmer colours are going to dominate when it comes to bathrooms trends in 2014.


Another trend that began a couple of years ago and continues to grow is technology in the bathroom. Technology is found through high-tech pieces such as sensor operated faucets and wireless speakers that can be used even in the shower.

Colour and Surrounds

  • Colour – White has long been a mainstay colour when it comes to bathrooms, however trends are predicting beautiful shades of grey, blue and even beige will make a comeback in bathrooms throughout Canada. These colours can bring a warmth while adding class and style to a space. If you have a smaller bathroom space you may want to stick with white, off-white or beige so that your bathroom walls don’t feel like they are closing in on you.
  • Lighting – When it comes to lighting, LED lighting is growing in popularity as homeowners look for lighting that is energy-efficient yet versatile. LED has seen an upswing in commercial buildings over the last few years and this practical light source is also more popular in homes.
  • Tiles and Surrounds – Mosaic tiles are the way to go if you are looking to bring this year’s trends into your new bathroom space. Forget white subway tiles and look for mosaic tiles that bring flare into your bathroom. Whether you go for a retro feel or you are looking for something more modern, mosaic tiles are the perfect way to bring your unique style into your bathroom space. If you feel that mosaic may be a bit too much for your space, beautiful marble tiles will be another great option. Mix these classic marble tiles with glass tiles to bring texture and opulence to a bathroom space.

Bringing The Trends Home

Choose to stick with the classics or incorporate some of these new trends into your next project. No matter what you choose, renovating your bathroom can bring a whole new element to your home.

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