Back in December, we took a look into the crystal ball to get a handle on the trends in kitchen design for 2014. The year is a little more than half done now, and summer is in full swing. Even when we’re relaxing, though, the trends are always in motion. Let’s take a look at some fresh modern touches that we’re seeing now.

You know what’s interesting about the trends you’ll see below? They’re all about more drama. We’re looking for more pizzazz from our kitchens in 2014.

Kitchen design by Laurysen

Visually Simple, Easy-Open Cabinets

More than ever, people are looking for simple and clean. Cabinet doors that open at a touch using hydraulics mean you can skip the handles. These doors generally fold themselves out of the way, and are really handy, especially on upper level cabinets.

Colourful Sinks and Appliances

With the great selection of new kitchen sink materials available, colours are popping out all over the place! When coordinated with the backsplash, it’s a great way to add some pop to a neutral space. You can also work with colourful stoves, fridges, dishwashers and other appliances.

Statement Lighting

When selecting pendant lights for an island or over a table, go bold! Pendant lights aren’t generally difficult to change if they need some updating down the road.

Colours That Contrast

Last December, I told you about the black and white trend, which is still going strong. Now the contrast idea has spread to other colour schemes – even in small spaces. The key to making it work? Balance. Don’t overwhelm with too much dark or light and it will come together nicely.

This doesn’t mean that neutrals are out – far from it! They’re just livened up with a pop of colour or contrasting shades. You’ll still have your pick of whites, greys off whites and wood finishes.

Kitchen by Laurysen

Clever Storage Solutions

No matter how large or small the kitchen is, storage is always an issue. With the latest in specialty hardware, you can make every inch count.

High Tech and Automation

From faucets and lights that are motion-activated, to cooking apps that let you know when your meat has reached a safe temperature, technological solutions are everywhere. High-definition LCD screens are in fridges and range hoods.

Commercial Grade Appliances

Designers and homeowners are taking advantage of the stoves, sinks, fridges and range hoods that chefs love in restaurant kitchens.

Trend watching is fun, but a kitchen is also an investment, so be sure that the trends work for your home, your needs and your budget. If you’re not sure how to navigate kitchen fashions and get results you’ll love for years to come, talk to one of our interior designers.