Often our clients want to know what they should do with their bathrooms to make it a total luxury experience. I mean, these folks want something really special. We have great clients who often come in with some great ideas, but when they sit down with one of our designers we can help really put it over the top for them. You’ve heard of “garage-mahals“? Get ready for the bathroom equivalent!

The Essentials

Here’s the secret – these special touches don’t need to be expensive – it’s all about a coordinated style! A well placed change or upgrade will provide you with the look you are after.

  1. Choose elegant fixtures, whatever your style. If you’re looking for a classic touch, a pedestal sink and a claw-foot tub will add elegance. For a more modern approach, an enclosed deck for your tub will allow you to take advantage of the incredible variety of tile styles.
  2. Electric warming racks for towels makes a bath or shower even more fabulous.
  3. Install a flat-panel television screen. Location is key. Decide if you want to watch the morning news on work days, or watch your favourite inspirational programs in the bath!
  4. A large window with a beautiful view if great for afternoon bathing.
  5. Hang a stylish mirror: one cool mirror over a sink is more attractive than many surfaces covered with mirrors. Supplement with an adjustable makeup mirror with lights.
  6. Great bathroom lighting design will get you most of the way – I have seen ho-hum bathrooms really come to life through the power of an attractive and functional lighting scheme.
  7. Don’t neglect the bathroom floor – heating under stylish tiles is a comfort essential.
  8. Have beauty treatment essentials stored nearby, so they’re right there when you want to pamper yourself.
  9. Of course, custom-built bathroom cabinets like these will seamlessly work with your space.

True Luxury: The Total Spa Approach

Ready to kick it up a notch? If you are lucky to have lots of space, you can indulge yourself with an expanded spa bathroom. To get ideas, take inspiration from the spas you like to visit, and try incorporating some features like these:

  1. A fireplace – right next to the bath! So lovely.
  2. A skylight will bring in natural light while ensuring privacy. A few nice tall houseplants will make you feel like you’re bathing in a tropical paradise!
  3. A connected cedar sauna room. Just imagine coming out of the hot steam into a nearby cool shower – you’ll feel clean and refreshed right down to your pores.
  4. An exercise space with your favourite equipment.
  5. A vanity table and mirror with a comfortable chair upholstered in thick white fabric. It’s pretty and practical for couples who share a bathroom.
  6. Situating the bathroom so that your dressing room is right next door will make your morning routine as smooth as butter.

As always, great design starts with your lifestyle. If you think about your daily routine, and work in the special touches for relaxation. You can create a bathroom that you’ll never want to leave!

Let me know if you’ve got some favourite extra-luxurious touches in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you!