Mirror, mirror on the wall, are you the best choice of all?

That’s what you’ll be asking yourself if you try to choose a mirror without knowing all the styles and options available to you during your bathroom renovation. And the last thing you should feel after a renovation is regret over something like a mirror.

That’s why we’ve compiled some of the trendiest bathroom mirror ideas to help you get inspired. But first, you have to answer a couple questions.

What Kind of Look Do You Want?

There are plenty of different looks to choose from with bathroom mirrors that will work with your dream vanity and fixtures. But before you jump in, you have to have answers to these questions:

  • How big is my bathroom?
  • How big of a mirror can I have in this space?
  • How big of a mirror do I WANT in this space?
  • Do I want framed or unframed?
  • Is your bathroom in dire need of more storage space?

Once you narrow down your vision, you can begin exploring different bathroom mirror ideas to suit it.

Bathroom Mirror Ideas We Can’t Stop Loving

The following bathroom mirror ideas are suggestions of what you can do with your bathroom renovation. You should talk to your designer to see what will work in your space.

1. Layer Up

A cool trend that’s been around for a while is layering mirrors on top of mirrors. The layered look adds a unique textured statement piece to your bathroom, and the extra reflect surface sends more light back into the room.


Layered mirrors are a great opportunity to experiment with shapes! Laurysen Kitchens Bathroom Design Gallery.

2. Leaving It Hanging

A mirror doesn’t have to be wall mounted. With the right tools and proper installation, it could hang down from the ceiling, or even be suspended from a window frame. This is a great option if you have a bathroom layout that that is tricky to work with, or has obstacles when it comes to mounting things on the wall.

Hanging or suspending a mirror isn’t a common practice, so if you do it, people are sure to notice and comment! Just be sure it’s done safely and with great care, because you know what they say about broken mirrors.

If you’re short on wall space, but have lots of windows, suspended mirrors are an excellent option. Photo credit: Daniel, Sheehan Photography, Houzz.

3. Multi-Purpose Mirrored Cabinets

We love anything that’s multi-purpose, and when something as essential as a mirror can double as something as essential as storage? We LOVE it!

When you use mirrored cabinets, you don’t have to sacrifice storage or a mirror: you get the best of both worlds!

We know what you’re thinking: those ready made mirrored medicine cabinets you’ve seen in hardware stores are so ugly. But they don’t have to be! The key is to get a custom fit for your bathroom and your style. Talk to your designer about having Laurysen custom-make mirrored cabinets for your bathroom renovation.

Who doesn’t love multi-purpose features? Photo credit: James Thomas, LLC, Houzz.

Is your bathroom on the smaller size? We have some more space-saving tips >

4. Wrap Around the Room

Not only is the wraparound wall mounted mirror a creative covering, but it gives you more functional mirror space while making a small bathroom seem brighter. To accomplish this look, you’ll have to have the mirror custom made to fit the space.

Doesn’t this wraparound mirror add so much depth to the room? Photo credit: Celia James, Houzz.

5. Full-Length

A full length mirror is about 48 inches tall, and is one of the most standard mirror styles you find in a home. It lets you see yourself from top to bottom in one fell swoop. While most people put a full length mirror in their bedroom to check their outfit in the morning, why not try one in your bathroom? They’re available in both wall-mounts and door mounts, which is great if you have limited space.

This bathroom pairs a more standard vanity mirror with a full-length mirror for the best of both worlds. Photo credit: Ann Berglin, Houzz.

6. Floor-to-Ceiling Mirrors

If you want to take the full-length style one step further, you could make one whole wall a floor-to-ceiling mirror. There are many different ways to accomplish this look: talk to your designer about some options.

This bathroom uses the mirror tile method to achieve the floor-to-ceiling aesthetic. Photo credit: Ty Larkin, Houzz.

7. See in Double (or Even Quadruple) with Multiple Mirrors

Double mirrors on a double vanity are very on-trend right now, especially with Laurysen design clients. They’re fantastic for homeowners who are both trying to get ready in the morning and don’t have the time (or the will) to share.

But many people are taking it steps further, and incorporating mirrors all over their bathroom. The only limit is your imagination – and how much space is available in your bathroom. So if you want 3, 4 or even 5 mirrors in your bathroom, go for it!


When you spend most of your time in the bathroom getting ready, it’s nice to have your own mirror to use.

8. Set in Stone – Or Whatever Material You Want

Tiled walls above the sink are a chic, fun way to infuse some personal style into your personal space (and there are so many colours and styles to choose from!) But instead of mounting the mirror like usual, trying opting for a recessed or inset mirror! It’s a little more work, as you’ll need a pro to do it, but it’s worth it! You’ll get a gorgeous mirror with a tiled ‘frame’ that keeps your space looking clean and modern.

Bonus Storage: The recessed mirror will create a little ledge that’s perfect for storing some small toiletries! Who doesn’t love bonus storage that looks fantastic?

Just look at all that space by the mirror! Photo credit: C.P. Hart, Houzz.

9. Pivot (and Pose)

How many times have you stood on your tiptoes trying desperately to view yourself from another angle? Some bathroom simply don’t have the space for a full length mirror: but all you want is to be able to see yourself from head to toe.

A pivoting mirror is an excellent alternative! Instead of looking at everything from the same angle, a pivot mirror adjusts so you can see what you want, when you want. It’s also a great option for families of varying heights who don’t have room for multiple mirrors.

This mirror pivots up and down for more versatility. Photo credit: Luke Gibson Photography, Houzz.

10. Think Outside the Box with Fresh Shapes

Don’t be a square if you don’t want to be! While rectangular mirrors will always be in style, custom mirrors in fun, fresh shapes bring a little personality and flair to your bathroom without sacrificing functionality.


This oval mirror brings a different look to the room, but still covers plenty of space – perfect if you have to share!

11. Mirrors Framed in Mirrors

We mentioned mirrors layered on other mirrors, but this is a little different. The main mirror is framed with a slightly angled or different mirror to give it depth but keep the naked look. It’s simple, classic, and always on-trend.


These mirrors have a decorative element in place to give the illusion of a mirror frame, which works wonderfully.

Bonus: Go Old Hollywood with a Triptych (3 Mirrors Side by Side)

In the old Hollywood movies, the starlets are always sitting at their vanities with triptych mirrors. Triptych means 3 parts side by side, and triptych mirrors are making a comeback in modern-day sit down vanities. They’re perfect for applying makeup, doing your hair, and seeing every angle of your face. Plus they add a touch of glam!


This luxurious sit-down vanity is made more luxurious by the triptych mirrors. 

No Matter What You Get, Make Sure It’s Well-Lit

The best mirror in the world won’t work if you don’t have the proper bathroom lighting. Some options for lighting your mirror include:

  • Scones
  • Backlighting
  • Built-In Mirror Lighting

Your designer will be able to give you recommendations that work for your space.


These sconces not only illuminate the mirror, but add a decorative appeal to the vanity area. 

The Right Mirror Will Rock Your Reno

When you renovate your bathroom, you want everything to be perfect this time around, including your mirror. Take these bathroom mirror ideas and talk to a designer about what you like and what will work in your space. You’ll be happy you did.

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