Tips, Bathroom| November 24, 2022

How Do I Choose a Bathroom Vanity?

A bathroom renovation comes with countless questions, including how to choose a bathroom vanity. You want it to be useful, but you also want it to bring something visual to the room. Where’s the balance? We’ll help you find it with these 7 simple steps to choosing the bathroom vanity that will take your bathroom from blah to beautiful.

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Bathroom| May 10, 2022

Freestanding vs. Built-In Bathtubs: Pros and Cons

Looking for a new bathtub? You have one major choice ahead: freestanding or built-in? Learn the pros and cons of each to help you decide which is best for you.

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Beautiful Spa-Like Bathroom Renovation Ideas
Tips, Bathroom| December 7, 2021

9 Beautiful Spa-Like Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Spa days don’t need to be an indulgence reserved for special occasions only. You can create the same peaceful and rejuvenating atmosphere in your own home with some surprisingly simple changes. We spoke to designer Ola Elmaghraby about bathroom spa ideas. Here’s what she said about making your existing bathroom feel like an at-home spa.

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A European Trend/ Light wood
Trends, Kitchen, Bathroom| August 26, 2021

Our Designers Share 2023 Trends for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Our industry experts, Wael Bakr, CKBD, and Aviva Ben-Choreen, CMKBD, have seen many new design trends emerge this year. From new colours to innovative features to simplify your life, discover what’s popular for kitchens and bathrooms in 2022.

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Trends, Bathroom| February 15, 2018

11 Trendy Bathroom Mirror Ideas That Will Rock Your Renovation

Are you stuck in the same-old-same-old when it comes to your bathroom mirror? These bathroom mirror ideas will help get your imagination going, and rock your renovation in the process.

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Tips, Bathroom| June 13, 2017

6 Tips for Space Saving Bathroom Renovations

With bathrooms becoming smaller and smaller, we have to start being smarter about how we design our bathrooms. If you are looking for a little more storage or just some room to breathe, these space saving renovations are for you.

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