The battle against closet chaos is real, but don’t worry! Our custom closet design experts are here with a treasure trove of tips and tricks that will demystify how to maximize closet space and make your mornings a breeze. 

Welcome to a world where every inch matters and clutter becomes a thing of the past! 

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1. Determine Your Organizational Goals

Before embarking on your closet transformation journey, take a moment to envision your closet’s future. Are you a shoe aficionado? A handbag collector? Or do you need a space to hang suits and dresses? Defining your organizational goals will set the tone for a tailored approach to closet perfection.

Pro Tip: Categorize your items by frequency of use. This will help you allocate prime storage space to everyday essentials while ensuring seasonal or occasional pieces are stored conveniently.

2. Establish How Much Space is Available 

closet with laundry hamper

Do you have a walk-in closet or a built-in closet? From towering ceilings to cozy nooks, you must fully embrace the entirety of your closet space. Every inch of empty space counts, so taking accurate measurements is essential. At Laurysen, our experts are well-versed in maximizing closets of all shapes and sizes, and it all starts with meticulous measurements.

Pro Tip: Be careful to capture the correct height, width, and depth of your closet, factoring in any irregularities or corners. With these precise measurements, we recommend closet organizers and design a new efficient layout. 

3. Create Multiple Shelving Areas

Redefine the concept of storage with well-placed shelving. Maximize vertical space by adding a fixed top shelf for items you don’t reach for daily. For example, you can optimize shelf space by placing seasonal items and occasional-use bags up high. And, for everyday items, we suggest adjustable and pull-out shelves, ensuring everything is easy to access—no stretching or straining required. 

Pro Tip: Group similar items together on shelves to keep things organized. Consider using baskets and bins with labels to easily identify items stored on higher shelves.

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4. Paint the Interior White

A touch of white is magic for a small closet. Painting the interior with a fresh coat of light paint can work wonders. It brightens up the space, making it easier to locate items and lends an airy feel. Plus, it’s like giving your wardrobe its own little spa day.

Pro Tip: Choose durable paint with a satin or gloss finish for easy cleaning and a polished look.

5. Utilize the Floor Space

Your closet floor isn’t just for stray socks; it’s valuable real estate for storage solutions. Introducing shoe racks or handbag cubbies can keep your favourite items within sight. Also, a small dresser nestled within the closet adds much-needed drawer space for underwear or bulky sweaters while allowing for shorter hanging clothes to be neatly suspended above.

Pro Tip: Consider installing a slide-out shoe tray that holds multiple pairs of shoes and can be easily tucked away when not in use.

6. Remove the Door

closet with cubbies, shelves and racks

Open sesame! Removing a closet door is a clever strategy to optimize your storage space. By eliminating closet doors, you create an unobstructed view of the closet’s interior, making it simpler to locate and retrieve items. This can be particularly beneficial for small closets where traditional doors limit your ability to utilize the space fully. (It’s like setting your teeny tiny closet free from its confinement!)

Pro Tip: If you can’t live without a closet door, consider replacing traditional hinged or accordion doors with streamlined sliding doors that maintain optimal accessibility and don’t require extra clearance space for opening and closing.

7. Improve the Lighting

Incorporate creative lighting to enhance the functionality of your space. Start with overhead lighting that evenly distributes light throughout the closet, and then add task and accent lights (such as lights under closet shelves or innovative rod lights) to eliminate shadows and gain better visibility.

Pro Tip: Recessed lights offer a sleek lighting solution for your closet without taking up additional space.

8. Add Pull-outs

Closet pull-outs are a true testament to storage innovation. They allow you to fully extend shelves or compartments out of the closet, providing easy visibility and the ability to reach items that might otherwise be hidden or hard to access. From pants to belts, scarves, ties, jewelry and other accessories, clever pull-out shelves and racks maximize space and keep your closet clutter-free.

Pro Tip: Integrate hidden pull-out hampers that discreetly store and organize dirty clothes until laundry day. These clever bins are a top-requested feature in our customized closet system designs.

9. Use Mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just for vanity; they’re also space-expanding magicians. A mirror on the inside of the door is perfect for impromptu outfit checks and reflects the closet’s contents, creating an illusion of greater depth within the space.

Pro Tip: Consider adding a sliding mirror to your closet design. These space-saving mirrors are both practical and functional, plus many options tilt so you can view your outfit at the perfect angle!

10. Install Hanging Rods

Double the hanging rods, double the hanging space! 

We strongly suggest adding a second hanging rod to your closet, doubling your storage capacity. From blouses to blazers and dresses, an extra hanging rack ensures there’s room for it all.

Pro Tip: When adding more rods, alternate their heights. This provides easy access to all clothing and prevents garments from crowding each other.

11. Plan Your Custom Closet

closet with shoe racks

Here’s where the magic truly happens. At Laurysen, we pride ourselves on crafting custom closets that cater to your every whim and wardrobe. There are no cookie-cutter solutions—each design is tailored to your space and wishes.

Pro Tip: Enlist the help of an expert. A skilled closet designer can help unveil your unique storage needs by asking targeted questions. Book your free closet consultation today.

12. Don’t Get Complacent!

Settling with what you have is not an option. Bid farewell to your cramped closet with tangled hangers. Take action today and embark on your journey to a perfectly organized closet. 

Ready to maximize your closet space? Reach out to Laurysen for a complimentary closet design consultation. Your closet will thank you, and your mornings will never be the same again.

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