We are so excited to announce we’ve been voted Best of Houzz 2016 in the Design category for the third year in a row.

35 Million Potential Voters

Houzz is a database of hundreds of professional home renovation, design, architecture, landscape,  and construction shops. Laurysen has a page on Houzz where you can follow us, ask us questions, and view our designs.

The Best of House Awards are handed out yearly in the categories of Design, Customer Service, and Photography. The awards are based on popular vote. Houzz has upwards of 35 million monthly users who are able to review the work of home professionals. Awards are given to shops that consistently get good reviews.

Why Your Vote Matters

It’s nice to be recognised for something that means so much to us. We put a lot of work into the designs we create, and when that work gets noticed, it’s just one more reason to keep doing what we’re doing.

But we have a special place in our heart for awards that are voted upon by numerous people. As much prestige as there is in getting the approval of the industry and other designers, we’d rather win the the audience choice award. These are the people we work to please, and their opinions matter most to us.

One of our designs (pictured above) was picked out as particularly popular. We are  proud that we’ve made it into the short list of businesses to win an award this year and we want to personally thank everyone who reviewed us on Houzz and liked the work that we do.

Other Awards

This is the third year in a row that we’ve won the Best of Houzz award for Design. We’re excited to be on a roll in this category, and it’s not the only award that we consistently win. We’ve won an Ottawa Consumer’s Choice Award 19 out of the last 20 years. In 2013 we won the Homestar’s Award for Kitchen and Bathroom in Eastern Ontario.

We’ve also been honoured by the National Kitchen and Bath Awards multiple times over the years. View our full list of awards on our Awards Page.

We’re all very inspired and honoured to be chosen as one Houzz’s best. We are hoping to keep the streak going, so feel free to give us a review on our Houzz page, or become one of our many followers so you can see our new designs before anyone else. And, once again, thank you to everyone who voted! We couldn’t win awards like this without you.