If you’re considering a kitchen renovation in 2014, you may be wondering what the latest kitchen trends are. At Laurysen we’ve noticed a number of new looks that have either surfaced recently or that are still going strong.

Let’s take a look at what’s in demand and what’s becoming more popular all the time.

1. Black and White is Still Going Strong

The high-contrast appeal of a black and white colour combination has been very popular in the last couple of years. It’s a great way to add depth and drama to the classic white kitchen.

Normally colour trends like this would have faded by now, but if anything it’s getting even more popular – we’re seeing black and white show up in magazines and Pinterest more and more every day. Talk about staying power!

2. Display: Glass-Fronted Cabinets and Open Shelves

More homeowners want to show off their beautiful kitchen wares and gourmet ingredients, even when they’re stored away. They’re asking for a little more “showcase” in their kitchens, and we’re giving them cabinets with glass doors and even open shelves. This is a great trend for serious cooks: ingredients and cookware are more handy and can be positioned within arms reach.

3. Sleek Banks of Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinets

In houses with good sized kitchens, we’re seeing larger banks of cabinets appear. These new kitchen cabinets are floor-to-ceiling, and have tons of storage space. Don’t worry, no one’s depriving themselves of counterspace (can you ever have enough?) but instead are separating counterspace areas from storage areas a little more.

4. Concealed Appliances

Appliances are being concealed in cabinetry more often. Stainless steel is still popular, especially in very modern and minimalist approaches, but it’s being used differently. Kitchen designers are using stainless steel as a backsplash or as surfacing for islands, but not as much on appliances.

Certainly people are less interested in showing off the familiar stainless steel fridge-stove-dishwasher combos. Now appliances are often hidden inside cabinets, or are encased in a wall of them.

5. Traditional, Ornate Details

More kitchens are using elements of traditional woodworking, and incorporating more embellishment like crown moldings and cut outs.

Think antique details: the French country look has been a huge influence recently. Because kitchens are on display everywhere, those who want a destination look in their homes are heading away from the strict Zen/Shaker style of simplicity.

6. Neutrals – With a Pop of Colour

Beautiful, natural looking timber continues to be a strong seller. There’s less use of stains – especially red-tones – and more neutral finishes that show off the natural grain of the wood. Eco-friendly materials like bamboo continue to grow in popularity.

A pop of bright colour somewhere livens things up and adds visual interest in the kitchen. The vibrant colour can be worked into light fixtures (where they’re easier to change if you get tired of it) or perhaps an island. The key is to keep the colour on one dramatic element so you have a nice balance between blah and overwhelming!

What’s Behind These Trends?

For a couple of reasons, people are seeing more of their kitchens, and it has become the true heart of the modern home.

People are interested in eating healthy and enjoying flavourful meals – and that often means spending time cooking in the kitchen. Whether relaxing with family after a hard day at work or entertaining on the weekends, the kitchen is the setting. And because people are spending more time in their kitchens, they want to make the most out of the space.

Also, the kitchen continues to be more and more of a focal point in open plan spaces. Condos continue to rise in popularity, especially for the empty nesters amongst us, and small spaces flow better with fewer walls. New single-family homes have also been incorporting open layouts as well. That means the kitchen is always on display, especially to guests, and they need to work with the rest of the house.

What’s Right For You?

Should you incorporate these trends? Yes – where they work for you. It’s much more important to get a look that works for your space, your lifestyle and your tastes. A gorgeous wall of cabinets that looks great in a large, open plan space may just not work in a tiny kitchen in an older house. In kitchen design, we adapt the trends that you love with for your space.

Whatever your style, always invest in good-quality kitchen cabinets with sturdy hinges that will withstand years of opening and closing. After all, once you get a look you love you want it to last!