At Laurysen, we’ve seen the rise of a new kind of customer: informed, design-aware, and full of great ideas. Our customers never need to worry about being talked into design features they don’t want or a look that doesn’t appeal. But I get the feeling that the people who have been walking through our doors lately would never let that happen!

The Democratization of Design

We’re very excited about how the design world is changing. Our relationship with our customer has evolved into more of a partnership between the Laurysen designer and end user. Customers are very much aware of the latest trends, styles and design elements and often have a good idea what they want before they ever step foot in our showroom.

We love how our customers are much more engaged, and and how much they really enjoy going through the design process. And they should enjoy it – we think design is fun, and so should you! (OK, there’s a practical side too, but you know what I mean, right?) When people let us know what their lifestyle is like and what their needs and preferences are, they get a feeling of control and more satisfaction with the final result when they see it come to life in their home.

Take a look at all the TV shows dedicated to homes, design, landscaping and renovation and you quickly realize that everyone is very interested in learning as much as possible in order to get what they want for their own personal space. Our job as designers is to listen and really hear what the customer is telling us. We then help them get to their goal. Design is becoming democratized, and that thrills us, because we want people to fall in love with their new kitchens, closets, and bathrooms.

Our Kitchen Design Process

In the case of a kitchen design it’s essential to establish where the fridge, stove, sink and dishwasher will be located. Our client will let us know about any specialty appliances that they are looking to add, such as warming drawers, steamers or coffee machines. We then use our design expertise to help the customer determine the best possible locations for them, and the rest of the kitchen design flows from that point forward.

Building the Trust In

By producing computer generated drawings of the design, a back and forth conversation can more easily take place between the customer and the designer. The visuals mean everyone is on the exact same page, and they can even provide a touchstone for refining ideas. They also help our clients open up and become comfortable with the designer – and even to admit when they need to rely on our expertise to achieve their dream kitchen!

Finishing Touches – It’s All in the Details

Once the fundamental design has come together, we enter a really fun phase of the process: selecting the door styles, stain colours, cabinet and drawer handles and kitchen countertop colours. Our clients are usually very aware of the colour trends and how the look of their kitchen is going to fit into their existing style of their home as a whole. At this point they are either very sure of the colours they want or they have may have even hired an interior designer or interior decorator to help them out.

So whatever your level of design awareness, tell us what problems you need to solve and whatever your ideas may be. You don’t need to be an expert, but definitely don’t be shy. Bring us your magazine pages and even your sketches if you have them. Get as far as you can down the design path – it’s our job to get you the rest of the way. After all, it’s your home, and we want it to be as beautiful and functional as it can be!