Last year we introduced you to some of the most important kitchen design mistakes that we see. There are plenty more where those came from, unfortunately.

Designing a kitchen is an incredible balancing act. Make sure you don’t topple into any of these potential pitfalls.

Overpowering a Small Kitchen with Elements That Are Too Large

If you have a compact kitchen, work with it. Don’t try to force too many gigantic appliances or a colossal counters into the mix. A good designer can balance one or two large items with an overall right-sized scheme to make things work. Don’t forget that you have to have room to move around!

Yes, You Can Have Too Much Storage

While enough storage is essential, having a room that is completely filled with cabinets and drawers leaves no breathing room. Leave at least part of a wall empty to let the eye rest – or add some artwork to liven things up.

Playing it Safe

A kitchen has to be coordinated, but not so matchy-matchy that there’s no visual interest or life. Adding at least one item for contrast creates a personal touch that will give your kitchen some pop!

Stainless Steel Everything

Stainless steel can be perfect when used in the right amount – if you have stainless steel everywhere you look you will create a visually disjointed effect that can make your kitchen look smaller.

Just Plain Too Much

A kitchen is a workspace. It needs to be easy to clean and you need to feel that you can relax and have fun cooking – or get what you need in a hurry. Having every surface covered and too many details competing for attention will result in a room that is awkward visually and literally. Over-designing is a common but avoidable pitfall, and the key is to know when the room is tied together.

Not sure you can juggle these opposing qualities? That’s why we have a team of friendly, professional kitchen designers to help you out!