A well designed closet not only looks neater, it can actually make your life better. Just being able to find things easily can save endless time and frustration searching for what you need. Also, when you can see everything at a glance, you’re also more able keep your spending in check (“do I really need another black dress?”).

Whether you have a smaller wall closet, a walk-in or a full dressing room, these tips will help. Who knows – maybe it’s time to get a custom closet?

1. Start With Your Needs

closet with cubbies, shelves and racksYour pet peeves with your current walk-in and built-in storage can be really helpful when it comes to designing a perfect closet. Think about everything that’s not working well and write it down. Once you clearly understand the problem it’s easier to start working on the solution.

Then consider what items you want to store – this will depend on how much space you have in your closet. For example, are you shoe obsessed and need racks for your footwear collection? Do you wear lots of long dresses and skirts that will need a taller space? Do you need lots of shallow drawers for accessories like bangles, scarves and sunglasses? What about handbags? Grouping items by type or shape will tell you what storage features you need.

gym clothes storage in closet

Person habits also play a role. Do you like to plan your outfit for the next day? If so, an extendable valet pole will keep everything neat until you’re ready to put it on. Do you need a spot to put things like jeans that have been worn but aren’t ready for the laundry yet? A cubby may be the answer. Do you like a nice wrinkle-free appearance? A fold-out ironing board built into your closet means you don’t have to set up a heavy ironing board to get it done. Do you need to have your workout wear and gym bag ready to go? A shelf or cabinet will allow you to plan for your unique lifestyle.

valet pole in closet

2. Get Rid of Clutter

It can be really helpful to pare down your closet before you finalize the list of needs. Do a cleanout and donate anything you no longer wear.

You may even be storing the wrong things in the wrong closets. For example, that box of old photos may be hanging out in your bedroom closet when it may have a better home in your living room or office.

Once you know what you’re keeping in the closet, you’ll have a better idea with how compact your storage requirements are.

3. Incorporate a Laundry Hamper

closet with laundry hamper

At the end of the day when you’re tired, you’ll probably just want to peel off what you’re wearing and throw it in a hamper. Place the hamper in an area that’s close to the bedroom door, so you’re already on your way to dreamland without having to walk extra steps.

4. Think Outside the Box

There are lots of varieties of storage solutions, and you can use them any way you want.

For example, a tie rack can also be used for hanging necklaces, belts or scarves. A jewellery tray can contain socks. Baskets can be used for almost anything that can’t hang up, including sweaters.

5. His and Hers

closet with shoe racks

Make your closet or dressing room friendly to both genders when the space is shared. Just like most women wouldn’t want a sports-themed closet, most men wouldn’t be thrilled with feminine floral patterns and “girly” colours.

Give each member of the couple a “side”. This will help both of you find everything you need more quickly. Remember, men are most often after efficiency, not necessarily display.

6. Kids’ Closets Need Room to Grow

Because kids grow, their closets need to adjust as they get taller and more mature. Opt for rods and poles than can be adjusted in height. Include lots of shelves and cubbies that work for any age, and can accommodate toys for young kids or the larger clothing collection of a tween.

7. Add an Island

closet with an island

In dressing rooms, an island can create a space where drawers make sense. It also keeps wall space for hanger bars, shoe racks, mirrors, and other features that make sense in that location. The top of the island also provides space for jewellery storage, hat stands, and decorative items.

8. Customize Lighting

wall closet with interior lighting

Great storage solutions are key, but you’ll still need to be able to see items well. Add lighting that showcases your clothes, even if you’ve only got a wall closet.

In a dressing room, great lighting really is key. Don’t go with the single centre light, try and have lights angled at all areas of the room. This will really help you see colours properly, and see into bins and drawers.

9. Consider Colours

Think about how different colours make you feel when choosing materials for your closet and paint. Lighter, neutral greys and beiges are either restful or boring depending on your personality, while bold colours can be invigorating for some or overwhelming for others.

If your closet is in your bedroom, ensure it harmonizes with the overall look and feel, but it doesn’t have to match exactly to work. Sometimes a contrast can be refreshing too.

Configure Your Closet Your Way

The most important thing is that the closet works for you, and you have to do as little work as possible to find what you need.

We’ve got tons of great organizing accessories available that will make the most of any closet, large or small. From rods, hangers, and racks to pull out shelves and dividers, we have it all!

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