2019 CHEO Dream Home Kitchen


For a third year in a row, Laurysen is honoured to participate in the Minto CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Lottery. Like previous years, Laurysen has donated a generous amount towards the custom millwork, cabinetry, and walk-in closets to various rooms in the 2019 Minto Dream Home

The kitchens and other vanities were created by Laurysen’s award-winning designer, Elnaz Shahrokh, in collaboration with award-winning Tanya Collins Interior Design.

Through the CHEO lottery, millions of dollars are raised every year thanks to the efforts of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Foundation. The CHEO Foundation promotes philanthropic events in support of various medical research institutes, including CHEO itself.

The 2019 CHEO Dream Home

This year’s CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Lottery grand prize is a $2.4 million, 5,641 square feet dream home located in Potter’s Key, Stittsville, Ontario.

The “Hampton” Dream Home is fully furnished, complete with a large master bedroom suite, home theatre, personal gym, bar lounge, covered backyard porch and much more! The dream home’s design style is described as elegant and refined, possessing a soft neutral colour palette.

Transitional Style Main Kitchen

This year’s grand prize is a Net Zero Energy Home, which means it produces as much energy as it consumes, minimizing your ecological footprint. The construction of the home is built to a higher standard, meaning better insulation and increased durability. By also leveraging solar panels, this dream home will save the lucky winner on energy bills year-round.

Last year’s CHEO Dream Home (2018) won 3 awards at the 2019 Housing Design Awards. The categories were in Production Home, Production Kitchen and Production Bathroom.

Beautiful Open Basement Kitchen and Bar

Why The CHEO Dream Home?

“This is our third year with the CHEO Dream Home,” explains Project Manager Corey Laurysen. “Every year, we relish in this experience. Giving back to this local cause resonates with all of us.” 

For the Laurysen team, it’s more than just another charity. “We’re a very family-oriented company,” says Corey. “Many members of our team have been to CHEO; it’s a place everyone recognizes and appreciates deeply.”

Process & Teamwork

“We started with a basic concept and met with the Minto designer,” says Elnaz. “Our main objective was to ensure the overall frame of the cabinets fit the overall theme of the home. All the millwork is custom, so there were many hours put into designing making these cabinets.”

This year, Laurysen had a lot more work to do compared to previous dream homes. “The manufacturing of the walk-in closets required strategy,” Corey adds. “Some pretty creative engineering was involved, leaving the end product looking amazing.”

Tranquil Laundry Room with Custom Cabinets

“Last year, we only worked on 11 rooms. This year, we contributed to 18,” explains Elnaz. “There was more work to do, but we’re very proud of the result. It’s not like any home you’ve seen in Ottawa.”

“One big attraction is its theme. It’s more inclusive of other people’s styles, showcasing a more transitional theme with subtle elements of contemporary,” adds Corey. “You can see yourself living in this house.”

Elegant Ensuite Bathroom

Elnaz gives all the praise to the Laurysen team. “The whole project was an amazing team effort,” Elnaz says. “It was a phenomenal experience for everyone, from the designers, engineers, shop workers, to the installers and service team. Everything they did, done to perfection.”

Visit The 2019 CHEO Dream Home

The 2019 CHEO Dream Home is open to the public until December 6th, 2019. On weekdays, the tour is open from 12 PM till 8 PM, and 10 AM till 6 PM on weekends. Tour the dream home today, at 348 Eaglehead Crescent, Stittsville, Ontario.