This year, the CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Lottery has the Laurysen touch. The kitchen and vanities in the coveted dream home were created by Laurysen designer Elnaz Shahrokhi in collaboration with the Kiss Design Group.

The annual lottery is organized by the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Foundation. It raises millions of dollars every year through its well-supported fundraisers. Among the lottery prizes is the Minto Dream Home.

Laurysen Asked to Create the Perfect Kitchen

“We were approached by the CHEO foundation in February about donating the cabinets and vanities,” says project coordinator Corey Laurysen. “Knowing CHEO, everything they represent, and how much money gets raised for the community, it was a no-brainer that we’d be involved.”

The design was a team effort between Kiss and Laurysen. “They had an idea in mind, we’d say what we’d recommend,” Corey explains. “It was a real back and forth.”

This collaboration created some unique design ideas. “We went outside the box, like with the walk-in pantry. There’s metal-like tubing supporting floating shelves. It’s pretty cool.”

The rest of the materials and features have created a kitchen that will stand the test of time. It features:

  • Granite countertops from Mountain Granite
  • Laurysen cabinets, painted with Benjamin Moore’s Escarpment.
  • A farm sink
  • Decor shelves
  • Top of the line appliances

There are also many Laurysen vanities in the house, each with its own unique look. There’s one that’s solid maple, another made of hickory, and even one in the basement’s gym.

A Kitchen for Everyone

The process of planning,creating and installing the kitchen and vanities took 8 months.

“It was a long process, but you want it to be perfect,” Corey explains. Part of making it perfect is making sure different people will like it. “You want to provide something that has everyone’s taste in mind.”

Laurysen’s goal was to make sure that everyone who sees this kitchen will want it. “This kitchen has classic colours, and has a country style with modern touches. It’s appealing.”

Constant Attention to Detail

Making the perfect kitchen for everybody also means making last-minute tweaks.

“Even with all the planning, you have to make adjustments,” Corey says.

“Everything is 100% installed now, but the last time I was there I still saw a door I needed to tailor. Even though most people wouldn’t notice it.” Having a highly-trained eye paying attention to the details means nothing slips through the cracks.

Ready for the Grand Opening

Now that everything is up to Laurysen’s standards, they’re awaiting the home’s grand opening on September 12.

“45,000 people saw the home last year. That’s more than we would ever get in our showroom in a year,” Corey says. “It’s a great opportunity to show our work.”

Visitors to the dream home will also have the opportunity to meet the makers of the house on September 24 and November 11. Corey plans to have one or two designers there both days. They’ll answer questions and book appointments for people interested in Laurysen.

Only a lucky few have seen the home so far. Corey says that all the reviews of the kitchen are positive.

“Everyone had nothing but praise for our kitchen,” Corey says. “I couldn’t be more proud of our team.”

So would Laurysen do it again if CHEO asked?

“We’re 100% on board if it comes up again,” Corey says.

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