Stephen Hnatyshyn has been a kitchen and bathroom designer with Laurysen Kitchens since 1991. He’s so good at both designing and helping clients that we promoted him to Sales Manager many years ago.

In this video, he explains why our customers choose Laurysen Kitchens:


Over the last 47 years the company has grown. We have staff that has a wide range of experience for many years. We’ve taken an active part in the industry.

We stay on top of new trends, new manufacturing techniques and new products so we can offer the customer the latest and greatest in the kitchen industry.

Laurysen Kitchens has been manufacturing locally here in Ottawa for the last 47 years. We find it’s a big advantage for us and more importantly, for our customers and the home builders that buy from us. We find we’re able to service them very quickly if parts are required at the jobsite during the installation we have the ability to address that need right away. We can just go over to the factory and get the parts that we need and service the client as quickly as possible.

Customers are much more informed these days. They have a good idea as to what they are wanting in their kitchen. We help because we have a standard line or products but we can also adapt our products to be adjusted and customized to their specific needs whether they it’s in shape, in form, in function, in colour.

Pricing is obviously a very essential part of the process. With all the competition that has developed in the marketplace we have to stay on our toes and make sure we are priced effectively and competitively.

Personally, I’m designing for second generation customers and in some cases even third generation customers that have bought from us over the years. They’ve had a Laurysen kitchen for 20 or 25 years and they’re coming back again.