While we’ll never completely leave the all white kitchen behind, 2017 is proving to be a year for bold and beautiful design choices. People are looking for a kitchen that makes a statement, that stands out above the rest.

Give your kitchen a pop of perfect with these bold design suggestions.


Let your kitchen design be as dynamic and colourful as you are. Laurysen Kitchens Contemporary Design Gallery.


Playing with colours is perhaps one of the best parts of a renovation. You can spend hours holding up paint chips, debating the subtle differences between powder blue and light blue. You can pour over countertop and flooring choices until you see them in your sleep. Chances are those sheep you’re counting at night are all different colours you’ve spent months trying to decide on.

Using colourful paint to add some bold touches to your kitchen is the simplest way to create a kitchen that makes a statement. It also is less risky than choosing something that is more permanent, like countertops or cabinets.

For example, a strong cobalt blue will complement grey or other neutral kitchen surface. In fact, pretty much any colour will complement a neutral countertop.

Not ready to go quite that vibrant? Try a navy or a pale mint colour. A navy will be a nice compliment to a neutral palette without feeling overwhelming. A pale mint is close enough to neutral tones that it’ll blend nicely, but give a little something extra.

That’s the beauty of going for a bold kitchen with paints colours; you can pick anything you want. And if you end up really not liking it? Paint is one of the easiest things to change.

Don’t Forget: Colour isn’t just for walls. You can incorporate colour anywhere in your kitchen, including accessories and seating.


The navy island gives this kitchen some extra punch while keeping the thoroughly modern design. Laurysen Kitchens Contemporary Design Gallery.


Picking a backsplash for your new kitchen is your chance to have some fun with bold style.

Backsplash tile is a great way to create a bold kitchen, because there are so many colours and designs for you to choose from. You can reflect your entire, vivid personality with the right design, and in turn give your kitchen a bold personality of its own.

You can go with a strong colour, a more neutral but invigorating pattern, or both. Patterns can give great texture to a kitchen, and make even the most neutral palettes stand out.

There is no limit to what you can create once you start experimenting. It is also one of the easiest things to update later on.

Design Tip: People hear bold and some instantly think of ‘retro’ or ‘eclectic’. That isn’t the case. You can balance simple lines with bold colours and patterns to create a kitchen that is thoroughly modern, and won’t feel over-stimulating.


This backsplash stays neutral, but plays with a textured pattern to make it stand out. And those accessories are a perfect way to add some additional pops of colour. Laurysen Kitchens Contemporary Design Gallery.


Lighting is one of the most important parts of your kitchen renovation. You’ve spent hours going over what kind of lighting you want and where you want it, along with the fixtures themselves. Above all, you want lights that work well and look good.

You don’t have to sacrifice function for flair, or avoid light fixtures that make a statement. So if you want to go for something big, or patterned, or more unusual, then go for it!

Alternatively, if you want something more pared down and striking in its simplicity, go for that too! There are no wrong answers anymore.

The best part is that it isn’t difficult to switch later on if you realize that it isn’t working for you.

Remember: It’s important to consider your space before making any lighting decisions. Depending on your kitchen size, you may have to adjust the size of your light fixtures accordingly.


This light fixture is simply designed, but striking in size, with a metallic band that catches the eye. Luarysen Kitchens Contemporary Design Gallery.


Fixtures can be way more than just that have-to-have essential. A perfectly poised faucet makes a statement that is at once both bold and practical. The problem is that many people see fixtures as absolutely permanent. Once they’re in, they’re in.

We get it. Changing fixtures like a sink faucet is a process that is going to cost money, and you want to get it right the first time. The important thing to remember is that bold doesn’t always mean crazy colours, wild patterns, or extraordinary items. Sometimes bold just means something with a little extra ‘oomph’.

For example, instead of a classic run of the mill faucet with two taps and no personality, go for gracefully rounded spout with an adjustable handle and a pullout hose. You’ll still get the classic look, but with a touch more function and flair.

Trend Tip: Metallics aren’t just for faucets anymore; they’re a great way to add a hint of bold while working within a more neutral setting. For example, using warm metallic tiles as a backsplash in a soft tone will give you some glitter without having to go full sparkle.

This kitchen makes use of a faucet that is graceful, functional, and adds to the space. Laurysen Kitchens Contemporary Design Gallery.


Having your kitchen renovated is a big decision, and you want to make sure that everything down to the last tile is what you had in mind. After all, it’s your kitchen. That’s why we firmly believe that cabinets are key to getting that unique, bold kitchen.

We use standard styles and sizes, but can mix and match with a variety of materials and finishes that can give you that bold kitchen you want. You don’t have to shy away from trying something different anymore.

You also don’t have to go all out. Something as simple as a handle can give your kitchen cabinets that hint of bold while still keeping a look that will never go out of style.

If you’re more of a go big or go home person when it comes to your kitchen renovation, we’re loving the confidence! And we’re prepared to back it up. Just tell us what you are looking for, and we’ll provide you with design suggestions that strike the balance between a bold room and Alice’s Wonderland.


You can pick the sizes, the styles, and the finishes to get something as dynamic as this red cabinetry. Laurysen Kitchens Contemporary Design Gallery.


Like the swinging ‘70s, colourful appliances are coming back in style. This time they’re coming back with a touch more grace and more appealing, varied colours than that avocado green you remember from your grandparents’ stove. If this is a trend that has been catching your eye, you could dabble in creating a bold kitchen with equally bold appliances yourself.

Remember, appliances are one of the things in your kitchen that will be harder to change if you don’t like it. When it comes to picking out new appliances, you have to be sure not only where they should go, but what they should look like.

We want you to love your kitchen, which is why we recommend testing out whether or not coloured appliances are up your alley well before you start picking out double door fridges and ovens.

Start before the renovation, and start small – an electric kettle or a toaster will add that pop you need to see if you are the type of person who will want to cook in colour.

If you’re ready to commit, check with your design expert to make sure that you find appliances that will work in your space. Whether you want them to contrast or blend with the rest of your room, we’ll help you choose with confidence.

This stove is retro-bold, not retro-blah. Photo Credit: The Big Chill

Go Bold Without Worrying About The Permanent Features

You’ve done a lot of research, and chances are you know exactly what kind of features you want in your new kitchen. The sound of a bold, statement-making kitchen might excite you, but gives you anxiety that you won’t like it as much as a more neutral kitchen.

We’re here to tell you that confidence is always in style, and that however you want your kitchen to look is the right choice. We also get that this is a big project and you may not want to take many design risks. If you’re hesitant to commit to a semi-permanent or permanent change, we recommend starting simple:

  • Paint – Paint is one of the easiest things that can be changed post renovation
  • Accessories – Let your decorator flag fly. You can stick with a modern (or classic) kitchen design, but add pops of colour or strong patterned pieces throughout, in the form of a nice vase or other decorative options.
  • Handles and knobs – There are so many options for doors and drawers, and they are relatively simple to switch out if you change your mind a year down the road.

We’ll Help You Create the Kitchen of Your Dreams

Our job is to take the ideas you have and make them look amazing. We create a design concept that is uniquely and truly yours, with all the features and bold touches you could want.

Renovating your kitchen takes a lot of thought and preparation. It’s our job to help make the process smoother for you, which is why we offer free consultations. Our design professionals will help you decide what direction you want to go, so that when you’re ready, you’re really ready.

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