We’re all looking for efficient kitchen storage to help cut down on the 1.5 hours a day we spend on household chores, especially food prep. The good news is that with some planning, some amazing efficiency benefits can help make life a lot easier and result in a better looking kitchen while you’re at it.

The Arm’s Reach Rule of Thumb

A good way to begin is to realize that the easiest places to reach are the ones that should store the most frequently used kitchen tools.

The first shelf of the upper wall cabinets should be the one to hold the items used every day. The second shelf should hold intermittently used items, and the top shelf should hold rarely used items. The base cabinetry is the reverse: the top shelf is for most frequently used items, and the bottom shelf is for the items that see less use.

Store For Your Work Zones

The storage should also be divided into zones: at minimum you’ll need 4 zones: food preparation, cooking, baking, and clean up. Sometimes a planning area and a serving zone can also be included if you have the room. In smaller kitchens these zones may overlap. By storing tools right at the work zone, all the tools needed will be in proximity to your work space, saving you time and effort.

Details Matter

For those who need additional help to extend the access in hard to reach areas, there are accessory items that can improve things. A simple but effective change is installing roll-out shelves behind the doors of deep base or tall cabinets. There are also step stools that can be hidden in the kick space for quick access to the higher shelves. All types of swing mechanisms or turn shelves can be installed in corner cabinets.

Not all accessories will fit in every situation. Come in for a free consultation, with the width and depth dimensions of the cabinets you are concerned about, and we’ll be happy to make some suggestions.