If you have chosen your kitchen layout, colour, and style, the fun has just begun; now it’s time for the countertop selection.

There is a dizzying array of options available for countertops. Making an informed decision takes time and plenty of research. With so many popular options countertop materials range from natural designs to synthetic, from inexpensive to over-the-top expensive.

So how do you make the final choice? Well, the most critical thing to consider is the practicality of the top you choose. Here are 4 of our customers’ favourites.


A marble surface may look stunning and offer a wide variety of colours and patterns, but it is very expensive. It can also be scratched or etched by cleaners, coffee, or alcohol. Read about the difference between marble, quartz and granite.

Marble will require sealing at least once a year. If you are vigilant with the maintenance and treat it with care, marble is a lovely option.


Corian is a lovely surface with a seamless and sterile finish. It is on the higher spectrum price wise.

Because it’s made of acrylic, Corian will not stand up to heat. Placing any hot pots on it, for example, will cause it to melt or burn.

It will not stain, however it will scratch very easily. Not to worry – because it a solid surface, scratches or burn marks can be sanded out. A qualified Corian specialist can sand approximately 1/8” off the top surface to create a brand new look. You must keep in mind that the entire top will need to be sanded and not only the damaged area.


Granite will bring character and richness to your kitchen.  It will also bring a high re-sale or appraisal value to your home.

The colour choices and patterns are endless. As a completely natural stone, most granite choices tend to be very inconsistent and veiny and may appear too busy in some kitchens.

Granite is certainly more durable than marble. Granite is a porous stone and therefore will require yearly sealing to prevent staining. It is considered to be scratch and heat resistant. It is however, not recommended to place hot pots on the surface.

Engineered Stone

Engineered stone is a man-made product that is nonporous. It will resist scratches and staining and is virtually maintenance free. It looks like a natural stone, however, and is composed of at least 90% quartz and is usually mixed with pigments to create a custom colour.

The colour selection with quartz is generally very consistent and doesn’t have a lot of pattern. It is not considered to be heat proof so caution should be taken when placing extremely hot items on it.

The price point for quartz is generally higher than granite, but less than for marble or Corian.

Other Options

Other surfaces that may of interest are stainless steel, wood/butcher block, ceramic tile (for a more rustic feel), lava stone, soapstone, concrete, glass, bamboo, and of course laminate. You can learn more about some of these options in our earlier article.

Before making your decision on your countertop, come visit a qualified kitchen designer at Laurysen Kitchens. They can educate you and assist you with making the best choice for your kitchen.