In all the years I have spent as a kitchen designer, the one thing I have never heard a client say is, “I have too much storage space. Can you fix that?”

We’re all looking for more storage it seems (according to a recent poll, more than half of people renovating want better storage) and redesigning your kitchen is a great opportunity to really improve how your kitchen storage works. Even a small kitchen can have adequate storage with the use of well-organized solutions.

To get started, take stock of the items you wish to store in your new kitchen and inquire about appropriate and easily accessible ways in which to organize them.

There are many different storage options available for spices, oils, recycling and garbage, canned goods and baking items, pots and pans, etc. which can make cooking and baking not only easier, but more enjoyable. One of the most important tips is to try and store items near where you’ll be using them as much as possible. You may even want to consider reading our guide to spice kitchens; they’re a great solution to this.

You can view some of the great storage and organization solutions Laurysen has, and research other solutions online. There is a huge variety of pull-outs are not only functional but can reclaim dead or forgotten cabinet space like the dreaded corner cabinets or more difficult to reach cabinets (like the ones above fridges and stoves).

Once you have some ideas in mind (and even if you’re totally stuck) come in and talk to a member of our friendly kitchen design team. A professional can really help bring your ideas together.