Consumers Choice Award 20thLaurysen is proud to announce that we’ve won the 2016 Consumer’s Choice Award in Ottawa for Best Kitchen Designers and Distributor.

The entire team here at Laurysen wishes to thank its customers in the Ottawa-Gatineau area for voting for us. We work hard every day to give our customers the best kitchens, bathrooms and closets possible. It’s wonderful to see that our efforts are resulting in happy customers who are loving their new spaces.

This award means we have won for our 20th time. But don’t worry, we won’t let it go to our heads: we’ll never forget that without our customers we have nothing. Your happiness will always be the most important thing to us.

You can see some of our other accolades on our Awards page.

How the Award Works

Consumers Choice Award 2016Over the last 28 years, the Consumers Choice Award has worked hard to make sure its results accurately reflect what real consumers really think. A multi-step process involves consumer voting at every stage.

To determine the categories that would be important to consumers, we look for services that are important to people, are more expensive to purchase and can involve the risk of effecting people if something goes wrong. Data from Statistics Canada and Dunn & Bradstreet databases is balanced with input from local consumers and businesses.

To find a list of relevant companies for the services, Consumers Choice looks at review sites like Google+, Houzz, HomeStars, Trip Advisor, Yelp, and others. If any company has too many bad reviews they cannot be nominated.

Any companies that survive this process are then added to the list of nominees. This is given to consumers in online surveys.

Learn the Full details on the Consumers Choice Site