It’s that time of year again! Here at Laurysen we get right into holiday decorating: one of the things that we love the most is that even the most restrained of home décors can become transformed into a wonderland. From austere to magical in one weekend! People love to pull out all the stops. And why shouldn’t they? It’s so much fun.

So make yourself a nice cappuccino, put your feet up and follow me into dreamland. I’m going to share some of my favourite tips for getting the most out of your home decorating over the holidays.

1. Create a Clean Slate

Get started by putting away any autumn decorations you may have. Go even further by clearing away as many year-round decorative objects as you can. This will give you more room to have fun with your holiday objects while avoiding a visually cluttered result.

Best of all, when the holidays are over and you bring your year-round objects back, you get a fresh enjoyment from seeing them again.

2. Choose a Colour Palette

For those who want to make sure everything works together, developing a colour scheme can be a great way to tie things together.

Here’s a special tip: it doesn’t have to “go with” your room. Having a contrasting scheme can make things really pop. If your home is decorated mostly in blues, for example, try bright yellows or oranges. Do you use modest earth tones in your space? Bright reds or blues will add drama. For an already vibrant black and white colour scheme, a touch of pure colour will really add that wow factor!

You don’t need to limit yourself to one colour – choose a main colour theme and one additional accent. One caution: in most cases, you should choose one metallic accent – gold OR silver – and stick with it. Mixing metallics is officially classified as décor hot dogging and needs to be done with care.

3. Celebrate Your Heritage

Isn’t it interesting that so many cultures have a major holiday at this time of year? Add layers of meaning to your décor by adding touches that reference your cultural heritage. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or another holiday, add touches that honor your family’s country (or countries) of origin.

Fabrics are a great way to do this – use traditional prints in fabrics under displays and on tables. Choosing one traditional motif that ties together the holiday-centred decorations is a great way to do this without creating too much of a mish-mash. Handcrafted holiday decorations are another special touch.

4. Use Natural Touches to Extend Holiday Décor Lifespan

Lights and glass tend to draw the eye because they shine. Balance this out with branches, pinecones, and objects made of wood or stone. They can provide a nice visual grounding especially when combined with the objects that take centre stage because they’re shiny.

Snowflakes, stars, animal shapes, pine trees and other winter themed objects can give you a great excuse to keep your decorations on display long after the holidays are over.

5. Weave a Delightful Spell With Scents

In the winter, the windows are closed and Canadian homes don’t get much fresh air. Why not take advantage of it? Natural decor touches can be a great help here – real pine or spruce trees, wreaths and boughs be intoxicatingly fresh.

Scent diffusers with a few drops of clove oil or cinnamon can also add delightfully rich notes. When combined with the aroma of fresh baking, you’ll create an atmosphere that will bring smiles to your friends and family.

6. Turn Decorating Into An Event

Last but not least, make decorating even more fun by turning it into a party. Invite your closest friends, put on some music and have a buffet of treats on display. It’s a casual way to kick off the holiday entertainment season.

What are your favourite holiday decorating touches? Please share them with me in the comments section below.

Happy decorating, everyone!