8 Top Bathroom Trends for 2017

Here are some of the most popular bathroom trends we’re seeing at the start of 2017. From the decorative to the practical, there are some great ideas here for your next bathroom renovation.

9 Beautiful Spa-Like Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Spa days don’t need to be an indulgence reserved for special occasions only. You can create the same peaceful and rejuvenating atmosphere in your own home with some surprisingly simple changes. We spoke to designer Ola Elmaghraby about bathroom spa ideas. Here’s what she said about making your existing bathroom feel like an at-home spa.

9 Essential Custom Closet Design Ideas

These ideas will help you design the best closet for your needs and make the most of your storage space – no matter how little you have!

A Floor To Stand On: Pick Kitchen Flooring That Works

Here in Canada, our kitchens are often the centre of the home, whether we’re relaxing with family or entertaining guests. There’s something about sharing food in a warm, inviting space that brings people together and strengthens emotional ties. How many times have you hosted a party and found that everyone seems to gravitate to the Read More…

Arranging Kitchen Appliances the Right Way

Tired of constantly running into people, and only being able to use one part of your kitchen at a time? We’ve got the tips to arranging kitchen appliances you should know about when you start your renovations.

Ask Our Designers: Kitchen Lighting

“Let there be light,” goes the phrase in Genesis, and it’s a phrase that is relevant to design of all kinds. But it’s critical in the kitchen when you’re chopping, reading labels and recipes, and plating meals. There is, however, a great deal of misinformation about how kitchen lighting works, and how it relates to Read More…

Avoid These Common Kitchen Design Mistakes

Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home. It’s a social centre, it sometimes serves as a home office, but most importantly it’s where we store and prepare our food. Every minute of our hectic day is precious, and cooking healthy, delicious food takes time. A good kitchen design can help Read More…

Avoid These Kitchen Design Mistakes – Part 2

Last year we introduced you to some of the most important kitchen design mistakes that we see. There are plenty more where those came from, unfortunately. Designing a kitchen is an incredible balancing act. Make sure you don’t topple into any of these potential pitfalls. Overpowering a Small Kitchen with Elements That Are Too Large Read More…

Bathroom Lighting That Works

If we are lucky enough to have the space and a healthy decor budget, our bathrooms can be places of luxurious relaxation. But large or small, good lighting is an essential in a bathroom. Good lighting doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does need to be well planned. Good design always starts with good Read More…

Bathroom Trends in 2014

If you're looking at renovating a bathroom this year, and are wondering which way you should go when it comes to design aesthetics, this year's trends can be a great place to start. The Big Picture is Natural When it comes to bathroom trends you can see the tendency towards bringing nature inside. Natural materials Read More...