10 Things You Need to Share With Your Kitchen Designer

Many people think that design begins and ends at colours and shapes. These things are important, but good design is about usability, and to create a usable room your designer needs to get to know the real you. Here are 10 things you should share with your designer to help them create the best space Read More…

10 Ways To Keep Your Home Renovation Project On Budget

Creating a budget is one of the very first things that you should do when planning out a remodeling project of any kind. A budget will help you determine what you can actually afford to pay for without taking on unnecessary debt as well as help you to prioritize your wants and needs. Even with Read More…

3 Design Solutions for Your Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchens aren’t often a choice; it’s the kitchen we get when we purchase our house. That doesn’t mean it has to be a negative feature. Our designer Wael Bakr shared some of his design solutions to make a galley kitchen work, and work well.

5 Essential Seniors Bathroom Renovations

As Canada’s population ages, more and more of us are thinking about making bathrooms safer for those who have reduced mobility. It’s easy to see why – falls account for more than half of all senior injuries, most falls occur at home, and the bathroom accounts for the lion’s share of the location for these Read More…

6 Essential Tips for Small Kitchen Design

There’s no right way to design a kitchen, but sadly there are plenty of wrong ways—especially when you’re dealing with a small kitchen. If you’ve got a space challenge on your hands, it’s critical to work with a kitchen designer. A good designer is a problem solver, and will get you a solution you’ll love Read More…

6 Tips for Space Saving Bathroom Renovations

With bathrooms becoming smaller and smaller, we have to start being smarter about how we design our bathrooms. If you are looking for a little more storage or just some room to breathe, these space saving renovations are for you.

7 Holiday Décor Trends for 2014

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, holiday decorating helps us enjoy what would otherwise be a dark and gloomy time of year. We’re all over holiday decorating here at Laurysen, so I thought I would share some of the most popular styles we’re seeing this year. This year we saw a lot of trends Read More…

8 Top Bathroom Trends for 2017

Here are some of the most popular bathroom trends we’re seeing at the start of 2017. From the decorative to the practical, there are some great ideas here for your next bathroom renovation.

9 Essential Custom Closet Design Ideas

These ideas will help you design the best closet for your needs and make the most of your storage space – no matter how little you have!