Dream Kitchen CoupleWhere do I start when thinking of designing my dream space?

We recommend that you generate a list, keeping in mind your family's needs and how you will be working within that space. Your list should be divided into two parts: your wish list and things you definitely do not want or need.

I have made my list, what is the next step?

We recommend that you measure the space and bring in as many photos from magazines that best illustrate your likes and design tastes. This is the time you should also inform us of any or all appliances and special features that you would like to see in the design. For a complete guideline please refer to our "Getting Started Checklist".

What should I keep in mind when sitting down with one of your designers?

Designing a space is a reflection of your work habits. The designer will create a plan that best reflects your lifestyle and the surrounding areas that this space is going to be integrated into. The key to any project is clear communication; make sure that both you and our designer are on the same page.

Where can I purchase Laurysen cabinetry?

Laurysen Kitchens cabinetry is available at our main showroom  in Ottawa and also available throughout Ontario by independent kitchen stores. To find the nearest location, please use the Laurysen Dealer Locator.

Can I customize Laurysen cabinetry to suit my own needs?

Yes. There are many of ways to maximize space, organize storage and create spectacular designs. Our designer can help you adapt the design to accommodate your space, budget, and the various needs that you may have.

Is your cabinetry available in standard sizes, semi-custom or custom?

Laurysen offers all three types, however the majority of our work is semi custom in nature. This is a reflection of the individual needs of our customers.

What if my dealer does not have a sample of a style or color I am interested in?

Laurysen dealers and designers can order door or drawer front samples in any Laurysen style, species and finish.

How long is Laurysen Kitchens' warranty?

Laurysen Kitchen's current warranty is for five years from the date of possession for most products. Drawer boxes, hinges, and drawer slides carry a lifetime warranty.

For more information, visit our warranty page.

How long does it take to get my cabinets after I place an order?

Laurysen Kitchen's lead times vary based on door styles, stain colour, and level of customization of cabinetry. Our dealer's geographic location may also affect the order time. Please ask your Laurysen designer or dealer about delivery times in your area.

What should the humidity level be in my home to avoid warpage of cabinet doors?

Humidity of your home should be kept between 35-50% moisture content for wood products to avoid door warpage and movement. 

How do I clean and care for my cabinets?

Please refer to our Product Care guide.

How should I prepare for installation of my new kitchen?

We recommend that you cover your floors with cardboard to avoid work boot footprints, and remove any keepsakes or knick-knacks that might get damaged when the cabinets are delivered. When the installers arrive, please be aware that your home is now a construction site, and that installation involves a significant amount of sawdust and debris. The installer will do their utmost to contain the mess, but your patience and tolerance is greatly appreciated.